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Three Nazi trains could be hidden in Poland – VIDEO


Based on the latest reports, three Nazi trains are located within the secret tunnels in Poland.

People believe that the 18th century Amber Room is located in one of them. Amber Room was crafted out of amber, gold and precious stones and was stolen by the Nazis from the palace of Catherine the Great of Russia.

Two treasure hunters disclosed that the 300ft armored Nazi Gold train was hidden in Walbrzych. This information was later confirmed by Polish officials.

Apparently, the location of the Nazi gold train was revealed by a dying man who helped hide the train.

The train could be booby-trapped in order to protect its contents. If the contents of the train are found, they will be given back to their rightful owners.

According to Magdalena Woch, who is a director of culture at the nearby Ksiaz castle, there is a possibility that more than one Nazi train exists in the area. This belief is based on a story from 1945 that three trains arrived into town and disappeared.

Based on maps from the 1920s and 1940s, there are tunnels under the town. As the Soviets were in Poland up to 1947, it is unknown whether they found anything.

Local politician and tour guide Lukasz Kazek stated that the area is filled with hidden treasures, because the treasures were left by the Germans who thought that they were coming back to retrieve it. He stated that the contents of the train could consist of paintings, diamonds, rubies and precious stones and even the Amber room.

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