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Giant asteroid could wipe out life on Earth


Mountain-sized space rock will fly past our planet. This enormous asteroid has the ability to completely destroy life on Earth.

The dimension of this asteroid is 1.5-miles across and it moves at a speed of 45,450mph.

NASA has estimated that this asteroid will shoot past our planet on July 25 at a distance of around four million miles. This asteroid under the name of 1999 JD6 is 15 times larger than anything else that has recently passed by our planet.

However, there are some concerns that one day a similar asteroid could strike and completely devastate the Earth. And this asteroid is closer to Earth now than it has been on a previous occasion in July 2010.

According to professor of astronomy at the University of Buckinghamshire, Bill Napier, an impact of such size could kill around 1.5 billion people and initiate disastrous events on a global scale.

This and other similar topics will be discussed at a World Asteroid Day. This event will take place on the anniversary of the 1908 Tunguska asteroid strike. The Tunguska asteroid strike is considered to be one of the most recent major collisions in the world history.

Organizers of this event are also worried about the impact of smaller asteroids of up to 150 meters. Professor Cox is even certain that an asteroid will strike the Earth at some point. Thus, NASA has to locate every one of them and warnings have to be taken seriously.

One asteroid of 70 meters called 2015HM10 will glide past the Earth seven days after the World Asteroid Day. While on July 19, a 500metre-long asteroid will pass the Earth at 1.5million miles.

Professor Cox mentions a recent asteroid which missed the Earth at a close distance. He added that they were unaware of this asteroid which was as large as a bus and that they observed it on his way out.


Some have predicted that a huge asteroid is set to destroy Earth in September, but NASA has already discredited such allegations.

However, NASA scientist Jason Kessler stated that something huge might hit the Earth in the future.

Based on the beliefs of NASA, an asteroid hit is unlikely to happen for a few hundred years.


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  • carefix

    Quote: ““This asteroid under the name of 1999 JD6 is 15 times larger than anything else that has recently passed by our planet.”

    Not true: A much larger (3.5miles) asteroid travelling slower (37,000mph) has been much much closer several times in the last 30 years. It is due back in the second half of next year.

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