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Unexplained ancient constructions: Sacsayhuaman


Peruvian Sacsayhuaman is a millennium old ancient megalithic complex. Precisely cut blocks were found on this ancient site.

It is believed that culture called Killke constructed part of it 1000 years ago. It seems that the builders of Sacsayhuaman were acquainted with the technology which enabled them to manipulate with giant blocks of stone.

This is one of many constructions which left people puzzled. Today, we have machines which are used in construction. However, ancient civilizations did not have such technology. It seems that they knew a different kind of advanced technology.

Giant blocks at Sacsayhuaman are cut perfectly and placed tightly. Some stones have some sort of marking on them. It appears that some stones were melted with an unknown substance in order to mold them into place so they could fit.

Based on legends, this construction was built by a winged creature which used some chemical substance to melt stone. The meaning of the word Sacsayhuaman is the head of the falcon.

These constructions serve to prove that ancient inhabitants of Asia, Africa, America and Europe were able to cut, shape, transport and build amazing structures, using technology unknown to the mankind.

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