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Evidence from Russia: Aliens visited Earth million years ago – VIDEO


New pieces of evidence emerged in connection with the alien visit. It’s been reported that a fossilized UFO was found.

Even though this fossilized UFO looks a lot like a giant rock, a team of paranormal researchers in Russia believes that it is a UFO.

The discovery was made in Medveditskaya Ridge, in Zhirnovsky district, near Volgograd, Russia. This area is known for UFO sightings and paranormal activity.

The UFO is 4 meters wide. Previously, smaller UFOs were found in the same area.

According to an online source of news, the flying disk is being examined in the Zhirnovsky Museum. According to test results, the flying object is a million years old. In addition to this, further research of the Volgograd region will be continued.

The team of researchers comes from the Kosmopoisk (All-Russian Scientific Organization) which was founded in 1980. The group searched for the Yeti, UFO hotspots and was a part of strange experiments with time travel.

There are people that are not really convinced that the rock is actually a fossilized UFO. One possible explanation is that the rock was a former ocean bed and the stones were the result of years of erosion under the waves.

However, Scott C. Waring, editor of UFO Daily Sightings agrees with Russian researchers that it came from outer space.

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