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‘Dust Lady’ of 9/11 Marcy Borders dies from stomach cancer – VIDEO


A woman who was famous for the photograph of her fleeing the World Trade Centre died of cancer. Marcy Borders believed that her illness was caused by the aftereffects of the attack in 2001.

She was known as the Dust Lady. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2014.

In that famous photograph, she is covered with dust. She is convinced that dust particles caused her illness, as she was never ill before that.

She was 28 at the time and she worked at the World Trade Centre One. When the attack happened, her supervisor ordered her to remain in her position, but she didn’t follow the orders which eventually saved her life.

After she survived this attack, she lost custody over her children because of her alcohol and drugs dependency.

After rehabilitation in 2011, she remained sober. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and she immediately started her treatment.

Her cousin John Borders wrote on his Facebook account that she died of the disease that was in her body ever since the 9/11 attack.

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  • david

    If it was caused by the attacks what was in that dust to cause it?

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