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Dr. Norton: Aliens are very close to us


Former NASA consultant claims that aliens exist everywhere in the universe. Dr. Eric Norton is a former outside consultant for both NASA and the National Security Agency.

Apparently, Dr. Norton saw a huge fleet of UFOs in 2012. He made this discovery using equipment at the MacDonald Observatory in Fort Davis. He saw numerous flying objects flying towards the Earth.

He monitored them over time and concluded that they were coming closer to Earth. Based on spectroscopic data, it was concluded that these UFOs were built from material that is unknown to humankind. This material is a thousand times harder than any material on Earth.

By 2013, the UFO passed the orbit of Mars. They were coming straight to Earth, but they suddenly disappeared. Norton justified this by saying that the UFOs had an unknown technology allowing them to become invisible and untraceable.

Even though the UFO fleet disappeared, Dr. Norton did not stop looking for them. A year had passed without any news. Suddenly, Norton received a phone call from an unknown colleague who informed him that the UFO fleet had reappeared.

The UFOs were located behind the Moon. One of the UFOs was even photographed on the Moon. The LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) took the photo of the UFO and anyone could see it on Google Earth.

Dr. Norton believes that, if the UFO information became public, it would change the current perception of the world, religion and society.

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