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The most vicious disease can be cured in just few weeks


In order to be healthy, our body has to maintain balance of acids and bases. If acids are increased, our complete body suffers. Naturally, our body can maintain a constant amount of acids in our blood at pH 7.4.

However, today’s lifestyles and unhealthy diet can increase the acidity. As a consequence, acid accumulates and causes many health problems.

In light of this, it is of importance to introduce groceries into our diet, which help our body restore acid-alkaline balance.

Acidity can be caused by eating excessive amounts of meat, polluted environment, acid rains, alcohol, smoking, drinking enough fluids, lack of physical activity, stress, high temperatures and extreme sweating, taking drugs which have salicylates as ingredients.

Other internal factors, which influence acidity, include: inadequate diet and eating quickly, abdominal bloating and gas, problem with the kidneys, diabetes, fever, lack of oxygen, unstable cardio vascular system.

Furthermore, damaged alkaline-acid balance in one organism can be the cause of: locomotor system problems (back pain, osteoporosis, rheumatism); digestive system disorders (gastritis, intestinal inflammation, cramps, disturbed intestinal flora); long-lasting fatigue, drowsiness, lack of energy; depression and increased nervousness; disease of heart and circulatory system, low pressure, cardiac arrhythmias; migraines and headaches; periodontitis and caries; kidney imbalance; gout; reduced muscle endurance and firmness; low tolerance of pain.

If your body has an excessive amount of acid, you should help your body neutralize acidity. Excess amount of acids in your body deprives it of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and other minerals.

In order to solve the problem of acidity, you should increase your intake of alkaline food, instead of acidic food. This will benefit your digestive system. Everyday intake of alkaline water has its benefits too.

Actually, we can help our body in following steps – dispose of food which disturbs our enzymatic balance, drink more water, regular physical activity, meditation, massages and sauna detox.

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