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Donald Trump believed to be direct descendant of Rurik the Viking who established Russian state


Donald Trump could be the descendant of Rurik the Viking who established Russian state. This interesting piece of information was revealed by Russian genealogists.

Russian genealogists claim that Mr Trump is a direct descendent of Rurik the Viking who established the Russian state.

Whilst others believe it is his mother’s heritage that may provide the Viking link.

According to the nationalists newspaper Estonian World Review Russian genealogist Aleksey Nilogov says Mr Trump has ties to European royalty but he claims Barack Obama is also a descendant of Rurik.

More descendants include Henry III of England, the first three King Edwards, and Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scots.
Mr Nilogov believes Mr Trump descends over the course of 35, 36 or 38 generations from the ninth century ruler, Rurik, via three distinct female lines.

According to the first Russian annals, the Primary Chronicle, Rurik was a Scandinavian “from the tribe of the Rus” whom the people of Novgorod invited in 862 to assume rule over them, as they had been unable to govern themselves.

Accompanied by his family and retinue, Rurik settled in Novgorod, and his brothers took control of adjacent regions. The area under their authority came to be called “the land of the Rus” and eventually “Rus”.

It is claimed Rurik, who ruled until his death, was not good at taking criticism, and followed paganism.

Whilst blog Face to Face claimed that Trump’s Viking links came from his mother.

As Mail Online has previously reported Mary Anne Trump, born Mary Anne MacLeod, was a Scottish immigrant, hailed from the highlander Clan MacLeod on the Isle of Lewis.

According to the blogs post last year, this was one of the Outer Hebrides islands off the western shore of Scotland that was raided and settled by Vikings between the 9th and 13th centuries, when it belonged to the Norse Kingdom of the Isles.
It is believed the MacLeods ruled Lewis from the end of the Viking heyday through the early modern era, when they were eclipsed by the Mackenzies in the 17th century.


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