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Doctor Roger Fer claims: It is not possible to cut alien implants, not even using diamond-cutting tools – VIDEO


Doctor Roger Ler didn’t believe in stories of patients who claimed to have alien implants in their bodies. That’s why he decided to prove them wrong. But…here is what happened. He started removing those implants from the bodies of thousands of patients…

The public has been speculating about seeing UFOs for years, and in some cases people claimed they saw an alien itself. However, disappointing lack of evidence caused that everything came down just to the word of eyewitnesses. On several occasions they even took a couple of photographs photos, but their authenticity is always questionable. However, some of those people now believe that they have finally found the proof.

The first reports about abductions by aliens showed up in 1960’s and 1970’s. Individuals who claimed to be the victims described experimental procedures performed by aliens. They said that aliens inserted some sort of implants in their bodies.

In most cases implants were placed in their nasal cavities, behind the eye, in the back of the head or neck, but also in their feet, fingers, hands or jaws.

Alien implants and Roger Ler’s journey of discoveries

Roger Ler was a successful podiatrist from California when he heard the stories about alien implantation for the first time. He never believed in UFOs, not even when he was a child, so he was skeptical about these stories. He thought they were not true and decided to prove that.

His first implant removal procedure Ler performed in 1995, when one of his patient mentioned that she had one of those intriguing implants. He offered her his help and she accepted. After the procedure, the doctor was amazed. He discovered that the patient really had a mysterious object in her body. This was the beginning of his journey of discoveries.

Since then, Ler became the person everyone would call if they wanted an implant removal. He was overwhelmed with pleas of people who believed they had an implant. Ler and his colleagues all received reports, but the lack of money prevented them to solve all the cases. So far, he have finished over ten surgeries and every one of them resulted in implant removal.

Some of these surgeries were even recorded and the videos became a part of some documentary shows. Patients with implants were people who never experienced any kind of accident which could have caused appearance of a foreign object in their bodies. In addition to that, none of patients had inflammation in response to the foreign body.

What has the analysis of extraterrestrial implants revealed?

The analysis of extraterrestrial implants has shown that the implants were usually made of metal. Some of them are round-shaped and not bigger than the paper pin, others have triangle or spiral shape, and some of them look like a wire. A certain number of these objects even emit radio waves.  Many implants were attached to the nerve endings in the body, causing enormously painful removal procedure, even with the help of anesthesia.

Implants were located on the left side of the body in most cases. Sometimes, Ler was able to notice a small scar on the place where the implant was inserted. The analysis of a protective membrane, surrounding the implant, showed that these objects are composed of 11 different elements.

Even though a couple of implants were sent to the laboratory for analysis, this didn’t provide irrefutable proof of their extraterrestrial origin. Maybe the proof slipped away because people still cannot understand alien technology, like people in Stone Age couldn’t understand our electronic devices. Some people say that implants stop working, after being removed from the body.

The origin and the purpose of alien implants

Ler performs surgeries only on patients who previously haven’t been hypnotized. He knows that UFO sceptics would blame hypnosis and tell that hypnotic experience resulted in making up stories. However, many patients were hypnotized after the surgery, which helped them remember seeing UFOs and the moment of their abduction.

If these implants really are extraterrestrial, what is their purpose? The most appalling explanation is that implants represent some kind of mind control devices. If this was the case, it looks like they were useless because people were aware of them and asked for help all by themselves, indicating that devices didn’t work properly. Maybe, they were just monitoring devices, which were supposed to send reports about the condition and location of the victim back to the aliens.

It is not uncommon to hear stories about people who have been abducted multiple times, which suggests that aliens are interested in tracking specific individuals. Nobody can say why those people are the chosen ones.


The idea about extraterrestrial implants in our bodies is extremely terrifying. We can only hope that one day we will be able to definitely determine the origin and the purpose of these implants.

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