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Discovered evidence will reveal the true identity of Jack the Ripper


After spending 20 years on the research of the Ripper and the life of respected poet Francis Thompson, a new breakthrough has been made.

Richard Patterson wanted to prove the claim that Francis Thompson is responsible for the murders. According to him, he can say with certainty that Francis Thompson murdered numerous women across London.

Richard Patterson developed his theory after reading Thompson’s poetry in 1997.

The fact that Thompson wrote about killing people, had surgical experience and was involved with one of the prostitutes serves to support the Patterson’s claim.

He dedicated 20 years to investigating clues around the world, which might prove that Thompson was Jack the Ripper.

Based on the collected pieces of evidence, Thompson carried a dissecting knife with him and knew a rare surgical procedure, which was typically used on numerous Ripper victims.

Patterson revealed that Thompson came to London in 1885 in order to become a writer. After some time in London, Thompson developed a romantic relationship with one prostitute who took him in. Apparently, Thompson started killing other prostitutes when his girlfriend left him. It was his way of revenge.

According to Patterson’s investigation, soon after the killings started, Thompson began writing about the murders and weapons used.

More detailed description of his 20-year-long investigation will be published in a book titled Francis Thompson – a Ripper Suspect.


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