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Did UFO cause a car crash in Russia? – VIDEO


A car crashed because of a flying object. Based on the video from a car camera, it is believed that the car crashed because of a UFO, which was flying along the trees. This incident took place in Izhevsk, Russia.

Initially, flying object was spotted along the trees. Then, a green truck suddenly veers to the right, which made the car behind the truck to turn left suddenly. The driver of the white car had to step on the brake in order to avoid the car coming from the opposite direction.

People involved in this accident are certain that an alien UFO caused this accident. They believe that the truck driver was distracted by it, so he drove off the road.

However, it appears that a so-called flying object has flapping wings. Some viewers of the video believe that a UFO with flapping wings is actually a bird.

No matter what caused this accident, it took one life. The 60-year-old driver of the smaller vehicle died because of this collision and his 22-year-old passenger is under medical care because of serious injuries.

The other driver was not injured.


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