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Did parallel universe open? Hundreds report ‘PORTAL opening and floating city’ in the sky

China_floating city

Hundreds of eyewitnesses reported seeing a floating city in the sky above China.

The mysterious tower blocks were filmed appearing over the sea at the port of Dalian in northeast China’s Liaoning Province.

It has led to speculation among paranormal buffs that something could be trying to communicate with or reach us from another dimension.

One viewer of the video uploaded by the CCTV News channel to YouTube, which is being shared on paranormal and UFO websites, said: “Wow, not again. What is happening? Are the aliens really trying to get through to us from another dimension and showing us what their world is like.”

But other conspiracy theorists speculated it was a hologram placed in the sky by shadowy Government figures to test the reaction of the general public to mysterious events like an alien invasion.

But the unusual event is thought to have been caused by heavy fog obscuring the lower half of the buildings, or a phenomena known as Fata Morgana, which is a natural mirage that causes visions of cities or moutons in the sky or ships floating above the sea.

CCTV News said of the video: “A stunning mirage depicting a group of buildings was seen above the sea along the port of Dalian in northeast China’s Liaoning Province on Friday.

“Seen from the land, it appeared as though the buildings were looming in the fog, resembling a fairy city on the sea. Take a look at this splendid scene.”

China appears to experience the most Fata Morgana floating cities in the world. There were previous reports of a similar sighting in China in 2011. Hundreds of locals were said to have witnessed the bizarre event after the story went viral online.

But some, mainly alien conspiracy theorists, suggested it was either a Government secret project to test how they public reacted by using a high-tech hologram – or even a gateway to an alien universe.

Following this there was a floating city picture taken in Hastings, in Southern England, and then footage later emerged of an almost identical event allegedly taking place in California, which was branded a hoax.

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