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Did Einstein’s wife “discover” relativity?

Einstein - Mileva Maric

People have always questioned whether Einstein discovered relativity by himself. There is a certain reason to believe that his wife was the one who did that.

When Albert Einstein died in 1955, Soviet physicist Abram Joffe published a biographical obituary in which he revealed,  “The author of these articles–an unknown person at that time, was a bureaucrat at the Patent Office in Bern, Einstein-Marity.”

This is not Einstein but his wife, Mileva Maric, a Serbian physicist who was the only female in Einstein’s class at the Zurich Polytechnic.

Joffe was referring to three papers first published in Annalen der Physik in 1905 which made Albert Einstein famous. Joffe had seen the original manuscripts that had been submitted for review.

In 1962, Joffe’s friend Daniil Semenovich Danin clarified the fact that the papers were signed “Einstein-Marity”.  “The unsuccessful teacher, who, in search of a reasonable income, had become a third class engineering expert in the Swiss Patent Office, this yet completely unknown theoretician in 1905 published three articles in the same volume of the famous ‘Annalen der Physik‘ signed ‘Einstein-Marity’ (or Marić–which was his first wife’s family name).”

These stunning statements were largely lost behind the iron curtain. Desanka Trbuhovic-Gjuric  pointed out that “Einstein-Marity” was never Albert Einstein’s name, only Mileva’s. She argued that Mileva was the coauthor of these famous works that first expressed Einstein’s special theory of relativity, a theory of Brownian motion and the law of the photo-electric effect.



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