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Dental treatments are fatally dangerous – The truth about tooth nerve removal revealed


Did you know that removing a tooth nerve can have very negative consequences to your health? People gradually reveal hidden risks of removing the nerve because a growing number of experts now speaks about that.

Dr. George Meinig, author of the book Root Canal Cover Up, stated the following:

“… When infected teeth cause disorders in other parts of the body, the infection doesn’t have to be necessarily large, but the evidence suggests that dangerous toxins may spread from infected teeth to the lymphatic system or the blood, or both, causing a disorder much worse than the infection.

The evidence points out that toxic substances can, under certain circumstances, reduce the sensitivity of the organism or the specialized tissues, so even the smaller quantities of the organisms which produce toxins can cause a more serious reaction and disorder.”

Maybe this quote seems complicated, but it briefly explains why the surgical procedures of removing a tooth nerve must be avoided. Whenever you take a tooth nerve out, it can lead to the situation described above.

Harmful substances are produced by an infected tooth where the nerve is removed, and that can have serious consequences to the health. When these infections and toxins are not detected in time, it may cause a system damage.

The tooth, if the nerve is extracted, is basically killed, and the human body rejects it as any other dead organ or tissue. For this reason, almost every tooth without the nerve becomes the place suitable for infection. Symptoms are often invisible, so the individual may be suffering for years, without being aware of the infection.

These infections are called focal infections, because the localized bacteria from, for example, tonsils or tissues around the teeth, can spread to another organ.

Even the places where the nerves used to be, become susceptible to focal infections. When the nerve is not removed from the tooth properly, a part of it remains in the jaw, and the place becomes the environment very susceptible to focal infections.

These focal infections can cause heart attack, stroke, kidney damage and even liver damage. They often remain undetected by dentists, so they can seriously endanger the health of the patient.

Why is getting a root canal so dangerous?

As long as an infected tooth remains undetected, there is a bigger chance of getting a widespread infection. However, the process that is happening during the initial phase of infection is the most harmful to internal organs and organ systems.

Focal infections coming from the teeth attack different parts of the body. Some researchers have concluded that infected tooth defines which body part will be affected afterwards.


Procedure of extracting the tooth nerve must be avoided at any price. This often means that the painful or irreparable tooth must be taken out. Unfortunately, taking out the whole tooth is usually the only healthy solution, unless the tooth can be repaired using some other procedure, except the nerve removal.

The longer the tooth without the nerve is in the mouth, the bigger the chance to develop health issues. If the person’s immune system gets overwhelmed by numerous infections, this will eventually result in developing various autoimmune diseases.

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