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Deformed skulls of unknown origin discovered in Mexico – VIDEO


Mysterious skulls were discovered on a research site in Mexico near Onavas. Twenty five skulls were excavated from the ancient burial site El Cementerio.

The interesting fact is that 13 skulls have unique features, which are not similar to anything found on Earth before. It is believed that these skulls are of alien origin. Thirteen skulls have elongated shape and are pointed at the back, while five others have disfigured teeth.

According to an expert Brien Foerster, these skulls resemble Paracas Skulls, which are also elongated and unique. These skulls are 25% bigger and weigh a lot more than normal human skulls.

Researchers concluded that these skulls have an elongated shape due to intentional deformation. In order to achieve the deformation and elongated shape of the skull, continuous force had to be applied to the cranium.

When compared to human skulls, which have two parietal bones located between the frontal and occipital, the difference is obvious. The Paracas Skulls only have one parietal bone.

According to researcher Cristina García Moreno, the practice of intentionally deforming the skull is typical ritual practice for some societies in the world. However, it is still a mystery why these skulls have such deformities.

As these skulls are deformed in a way that resembles popular representation of alien skull, people typically presume that such skulls are actually of alien origin.

However, in case of these skulls, the origin remains unknown, so the idea that they could belong to some alien species is not ruled out.


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