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David Icke claims the moon is hollow and built by ALIENS in crazy new theory


David Icke revealed a new theory about the Moon. According to him, the Moon is hollow and aliens are responsible for its creation.

Mr Icke reached the conclusion after taking the leap from a general scientific consensus to say the moon shouldn’t really be there.

Many scientists agree the size of the moon is one of our solar system’s biggest anomalies.

Twenty five years ago Mr Icke shocked Britain by coming out as the “son of the Godhead” during a press conference and subsequent appearance on prime time chat show Wogan.

The former footballer had been a household name as a co-presenter of the BBC’s flagship Saturday marathon sports programme Grandstand, who went on to become a spokesman for the Green Party.

Although Mr Icke disappeared from mainstream media after the initial shocking story died, he went on to become something of an “awakening guru” on the conspiracy theory circuit and within alternative media.

Icke has written countless books and toured the globe lecturing on his odd theories, making the bizarre his business over the past quarter of a century.

His latest concerns our moon.

Physics has been unable to explain why a planet the size of Earth has a moon of such a large size in comparison.

Our moon would be expected to be about 40 miles in diameter, but is closer to 2,000 miles.

Mr Icke has deduced that, because of this, it must have been artificially built, rather than being broken off Earth after it was hit by another planet, as scientists suggest.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Mr Icke explains his madcap theory.

He said: “They have no bloody clue where they moon came from and it shouldn’t by physics be there.

“The Earth not only has a satellite, but it is a giant satellite.

“Some scientists don’t talk about a planet-moon relationship, but a planet-planet relationship – the Moon is bigger than Pluto.

“And then we get the hollow moon, this is what I’m saying and others have said it’s a hollowed out planetoid.”

He said the Moon was hit by a lunar module to the equivalent of one tonne of TNT in November 1969 and the shockwaves built up, with NASA scientists saying the Moon rang like a bell.

He described a launch vehicle later striking the Moon with the equivalent force to 11 tonnes of TNT and NASA said the Moon “rang like a gong and continued to vibrate for three hours and 20 mins to a depth of up to 25 miles”.

Mr Icke said in the video: “These two Russian scientists from the Society Academy of Science, wrote an article in 1970 in Sputnik magazine in Russia headed ‘Is the Moon the creation of an alien intelligence?’

“And all these years later it indicates to the fact that they were right.”

Mr Icke said the outer surface of the Moon is “extremely hard and contains minerals like titanium, processed metals including brass and micre and the elements uranium 236 and neptunium 237 that have never been found to occur naturally”.


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  • david

    This theory is an old one by Russian scientists…and his !odd” theories are that the world is shaped by interdimensional beings…his work is not all that odd all that odd..they said sitchin was crazy but they find a new planet with a long elliptic orbit…

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