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Cuba’s Sunken Atlantis: The underwater city mainstream scholars ignore


Unusual structures were discovered off the western Coast of Cuba. Even though it was confirmed that complex stone formations are located 650 meters beneath the Caribbean Sea, it was never thoroughly explored.

Sunken cities exist in every part of the world. Some are more famous than the others, but all reveal long lost cities swallowed by the sea.

Researchers were able to locate these sunken cities with the help of advanced equipment. However, a number of lost cities are waiting to be found.

Numerous stories and legend were told about the sunken empires like Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria and others. If these cities were discovered, they would tell us more about that time.

From a scientific point of view, researchers are still trying to discover clues that would ultimately confirm the existence of these alleged empires. So far, Atlantis is still only a legend. Even so, it does not mean that it never existed. Scientists haven’t found it yet.

Discovery of unusual stone formations deep beneath the Caribbean ocean is one of the most amazing discoveries in the last fifteen years.

The peculiar stone structures were discovered by a company named Advanced Digital Communications. They used sonar to discover these ancient monuments near Cuba.

Based on this discovery, it is believed that an ancient society used to live in this region. These symmetrically arranged stone structures are a proof that highly developed society once existed in this area.

It is believed that these stone structures actually indicate that an urban development once existed. Something obviously happened in the past and now these structures are submerged 600 meters beneath the surface.

This discovery soon became the public knowledge and the media spread the word about the ‘Atlantis Discovered in Cuba’. Even though many organizations and governments were curious about this sunken city, an official research and exploration never really happened.

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