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Cryptic tweets from Edward Snowden- Is he alive?

On Friday evening Edward Snowden tweeted a message made up of 64 seemingly random characters. The tweet, being deleted minutes after it was posted, caused people to fear the message was „a dead man’s switch“, causing many to believe the famous whistle-blower is dead or missing.

A dead man’s switch is a message set up in a way that is automatically sent if the creator of the message does not perform regular check-ins. It is believed this switch is the key to his encrypted files.

As we all know, Snowdens release in 2013 confirmed the beliefs many had about the NSA. However, it is believed that the information he release is only a tiny part of what he actually knows and has.

The data is believed to have been sent to journalists and friends he trusts. These people hold information that Snowden believes were sensitive to be released at that time (or perhaps ever).

What made these event even stranger is the fact that Snowden made an equally strange tweet two days ago. It contained the phrase „it is time. “

The purpose of the dead man’s switch is to ensure that the secrets the creator has will not disappear if he is dead of kidnapped. It basically discourages assassination attempts. Julian Assange has one himself, the so called WikiLeaks insurance files.

This may all be connected to the crackdown on 8 poplar torrent sites. They were taken almost immediately down after Snowden’s tweet. The idea behind this theory is that they were shut down in order to slow down the spreading of Snowden’s information.

For now, we will only wait for Snowden to both tweet again and explain what happened (and for us to determine whether that is indeed Snowden) or to mourn his passing and to wait for a major leak of information in the very near future.

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