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Could black holes be gateways to other galaxies?

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Scientists state that Black holes could lead to other galaxies and even other parts of our Universe.

The official theories state that in the center of black holes there is a region called the gravitational singularity center. Here, space-time curves towards infinity and there is no way that matter which passes through this can survive. However, some researchers disagree.

Thanks to a recent study, scientists believe that there may actually be a wormhole, a cosmic back door, in the center of every black hole. It could lead us to other parts of the universe.

This new theory states that anything that goes into the black hole would expand and then contract back to its normal size when it ends up in another part of the universe.

This theory came from the Institute of Corpuscular Physics In Valencia. They propose that the singularity inside the black holes “is an imperfection in the geometric structure of space-time.”

They tested this theory by using geometric structures that are similar to a grapheme crystal layer which is supposed to match the activity inside black holes.

Gonzalo Olmo, a researcher at the University of Valencia, states that black holes are fascinating for trying out new ideas about gravity as “crystals have imperfections in their microscopic structure, so too the central region of a black hole can be interpreted as an anomaly in space-time, which requires new geometric elements in order to be able to describe them more precisely.”

They found a central spot with a small spherical surface, which could represent a wormhole inside the black hole. This hole would be smaller than an atomic nucleus, but it is able to increase in size about the charge that is placed inside a certain black hole. In other words, anything that passes through it would stretch, and be able to enter the wormhole.

Whether a human being would survive this or not is a mystery.

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