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Truth behind some conspiracy theories


There are many conspiracy theories plotted against certain organizations and nations. However, some conspiracy theories are true and real. Investigation and official documents that were released were used in order to prove the following theories.

Operation Northwoods – This operation was formed after Cuba invasion in 1961. President Kennedy denied signing and approving of this plot. Instead, it was signed off by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The purpose of this operation was to carry out terrorist attacks within the United States.

They wanted to start a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area in order to justify using the U.S. military in Cuba. If Kennedy didn’t refuse to sign off this campaign, the military would initiate actual terrorist attacks on American ground.

Operation Mockingbird – This operation started as the Cold War intensified in the 1950’s. The CIA wanted to affect public opinion by taking on journalists from across the United States. This program lasted for nearly 30 years and was extremely intertwined within American journalism. The CIA was infiltrated in the most respected media outlets in the country. Newspapers, periodicals, press services, news agencies, radio and television stations, book publishers, foreign media outlets and every other form of broadcasting news was under the influence of CIA.

This program was exposed by the Church Committee disclosing that CIA used this propaganda program to influence public opinion.

In 1977 journalist Carl Bernstein wrote about this in Rollingstone. He wrote that journalists cooperated with the CIA and gave out pieces of information or even shared staff with the CIA. Journalist even executed errands for the CIA with the approval of the managements of America’s leading news organizations.

Operation Paperclip –During this operation Nazi scientists were brought to the US in a secretive operation by US intelligence and military. The Nazi scientists were deported to the US as the World War II was coming to its end.

Scientist of special interest were those whose field of specialty was aerodynamics and rocketry, chemical weapons, chemical reaction technology and medicine. They were deported to the US without the knowledge and approval of the State Department. Any member of hte Nazi party or supporter was prohibited to enter the US by the order of President Truman.

In order to evade this order, the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency fabricated false political biographies for the scientists. They even destroyed original scientists’ records in order to delete any association with the Nazi party and provide them with the U.S. government security clearances.

After all this cover-up, the scientists were able to work on highly classified projects for the U.S. military.
Those projects included military testing on guided missile and ballistic missile technology and other. The employments of 1,500 Nazi scientists consequently lead to the foundation of NASA and the U.S. ICBM program.

Even though there are many evidences that prove that these theories are true, many discarded them as unrealistic and pure fabrication. Moreover, this raises the question whether similar operations are happening even today, away from the public eye.

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