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CLIMATE WAR WILL START SOON: Tens of millions spent on huge project to change the climate


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China is about to start a project whose purpose is to change the weather. This project already cost more than £22million.

Beijing is not alone in its pursuit to play God with the weather, with at least 52 countries, including the US, using weather modification techniques which allows authorities to clear the skies or make it rain.

Droughts in places such as the US and China are one of the biggest constraints on their farming industries, which is why scientists are working to eradicate the prolonged dry seasons.

They will do this by putting chemicals in the sky.

Even in the hottest regions of the world, moisture remains in the skies.

Before it rains, the moisture particles in the air condense and cool on smaller particles like dust which is how clouds are formed.

Once enough of the particles have come together and the clouds get heavier, then it begins to rain.

However, the experts are hoping to speed up this process from the ground.

By ploughing chemicals into the clouds that will lower the temperature of the clouds which will ultimately give more material for the moisture to build on.

They hope that this will speed the process up and rain sooner.

Bart Geerts, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Wyoming, told Business Insider that although ‘cloud-seeding’ could work, he is not completely optimistic.

Mr Geerts said: “I think the verdict is still out.”

However, he said that “even a 10 percent increase in rainfall or snowfall may be worth the expense.”


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