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CIA officials tried to warn Bush’s administration of 9/11 attacks


A former director of the CIA, who worked at that position during the presidential mandate of President George W. Bush, obtained information that Al Qaeda will commit a terrorist attack on the US in 2001. However, the White house officials completely ignored this warning.

Former director of the CIA George Tenet disclosed during an interview that he and the chief of the CIA’s counterterrorism center, Cofer Black, informed Condoleezza Rice of this attack on July 10 of 2001.

They wanted to eliminate this threat by conducting a paramilitary operation in the Afghan sanctuary. The purpose of this was to create a connection with Uzbekistan.

The Bush’s administration decided to postpone the plan because they did not want to kick start anything.

Even though Tenet and Black conducted a security meeting with National Security Adviser and tried to show how serious the terrorist threat is, they did not succeed in their plan to start a fight against it.

The meeting was mentioned in the memoirs of Condoleezza Rice just as any other meeting they had on a daily basis.

There was another meeting at the end of July during which the group tried to figure out how these attacks might happen and where. At some point during the meeting, Rich Blee exclaimed that the terrorists are coming to the US. That statement left all in shock.

The event that took place on 9/11 was the threat that George Tenet tried to warn US officials about. Over 3000 people died during this terrorist attack.

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