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Chronicles from the future: A true story kept hidden by the Masons now revealed


Paul Amadeus Dienach is the author of the book “Chronicles from the Future”, who lived during the beginning of the 20th century in central Europe.  He wrote his book based on his unique experience.

A grave disease was the reason he spent one year of his life in a comatose state. As he claims, his consciousness had spent that time in the future, in a different body.

Logically, it is difficult to believe in such story. However, not everyone was skeptical about it. As a matter of fact, the Freemasons accepted the content of his book as a very important secret and took it under their own protection. This book was keeping a unique prophecy.

Not many people had the chance to read it. The book was printed in Greece in a very limited number of copies.

However, that has changed, and people now can access this secret content and learn about the future.

An interesting thing is that Paul Amadeus Dienach, a professor of German language studies, never had an intention to become a writer. His book “Chronicles from the Future” is a result of unplanned experience.

Dienach was diagnosed with Encephalitis lethargica (sleep sickness), and his health condition got worse in 1921, leading to the one-year coma.

Even though his body was in a hospital in Geneva, he claimed that he was awake the entire time, spending his time in the far year of 3906 AD. After his coma, he explained that his futuristic experience involved the journey of his consciousness in the body of another man, Andrew Northam.

He said that people from the future noticed his consciousness in the body of Andrew Northam, and they offered him help with that new, unknown environment. They helped him understand the progress of the human race through the time.

According to what he saw, Homo Occidantalis Novus is going to be the new human race. From the moment in the future where he was standing, it was obvious that actual human race made some good, as well as bad choices over time.

Right after he woke up from coma, he confessed his experience only to his diary. He knew that people might not understand him, he was afraid of being ridiculed.

In 1922, he traveled to Greece, hoping that the Mediterranean climate would help him to improve his health, while teaching German at the university.

This is how he met George Papahatzis. Papahatzis was his student, but in the following years he became the Vice President of the National Board of Greece, founding member of the Greek Philosophical Society and one of the reformers of Administrative Law in Greece, as well as a high rank member of the Freemasons society.

They trusted each other, so two years later, when Dienach felt that there is no hope for his health and that the end is close, he left Papahatzis his notes, telling him that they might help him with his German in the future. After that, Dienach left Greece and soon died.

George Papahatzis most certainly didn’t expect to find a prophecy hidden in his friend’s notes. At first, he believed that he had an odd novel in front of him. But after years of gradual translation and analysis, from 1926 to 1940, he realized that he had Dienach’s memoirs in his hands.

When World War II was over, Papahatzis tried to get in touch with Dienach or his relatives, but without success.

Papahatzis was a member of Masonic society, so the translation of Dienach’s notes was only available to high-ranked members of this society. The Masons saw Dienach as a prophet and his notes were of importance to them.

However, Papahatzis expressed his desire to publish these notes in 1972, which was not well received. The Church acted aggressively, accusing Papahatzis of heresy. He lost his job, and of many copies of the book, only a few were saved.

The same happened with another attempt of publishing in 1979, even though, at that time, Greece started applying democracy instead of the dictatorship.

This general negative attitude to the prophecy has remained for another thirty years. One of the very few who didn’t ignore the existence of this book was Radamanthys Anastasakis, who was a high ranking ex-member of many secret societies, and who is responsible for the third round of publishing, only in a limited number of copies.

Originally, Dienach’s notes were very extensive, which is why the first editions of the book of 800 pages were very demanding and hard to read.

In the meantime, the book has been edited and illustrated, and its content now presents the essence of Dienach’s amazing experience. The book presenting our future is now widely available.

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  • Joseph Graham

    But how to I get a copy of the translated edition?


    Yes indeed.
    I read part of the story, I need to be able to read the rest of it…

  • This Way Out Productions

    We are pleased to announce that the book “Chronicles From The Future – The amazing story of Paul Amadeus Dienach” has been edited and translated in English and will be available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle Store in a few days! You can follow our Facebook Page for details and updates.

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