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Chemtrails :5 ways to protect yourself from airborne heavy metals

Airborne heavy metals are a real threat as more and more people warn about the dangers of chemtrails.

September 2016 saw two medical reports past quietly by mainstream news. The first report was the extremely saddening fact that childhood cancer is on the increase, up by 40% in the last 16 years, that’s around 1,300 more cases reported each year.

Thought to be the results of genetics, our current diets, environmental factors including pollutants and radiation due to our current technological lifestyles.

The second was the results of research carried out on patients diagnosed with different forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s. Tests were done simultaneously in Mexico City and Manchester, England.The scientists in subsequent interviews said they were “shocked” and “disturbed.” First by the similarity of each city’s results than by the amount of foreign metal particles found in the brains of the sufferers…

Speculating, that the results may well be the consequences of air pollution, including Pesticide Drift causing cross contamination to farm produce and water. Moreover noting that the causes were most likely across continents that host densely built up polluted areas such as cities.There was also much speculation over the phenomenon of Chemtrails which most governments particularly Western will not engage in debate about with the public. Many new drugs are being developed to treat dementia (which now exceeds heart disease fatalities per year in the UK.)However, none of the treatments are able to stop the progression of diseases such as Alzheimer’s meaning they address the symptoms by modifying but not the causes. Furthermore, drugs such as Solanezumab etc continue to fail in clinical trials. Just this week in November 2016 it was announced that the latest hope for slowing deterioration of thinking and memory, the drug Eli Lilly had also failed in trials. Causing major disappointment to clinicians, patients, and shareholders.

Seems we have no choice but to adjust to a modern life where many environmental factors have become the norm. Conventional medicine can assist in addressing illnesses and possibly saving lives together with the fact that more and more of us are becoming aware of the importance of diet, supplements, and moderate exercise. Seeking preventative measures means research is key as there is a sea of information out there to assist us.

However, the sheer amount can also be confusing. It must be stressed that when we suspect any form of illness or condition, it is paramount to seek diagnosis and advice from a medical doctor or health professional before pursuing treatments and cures alternative or otherwise. Always further research whatever you are considering.

As well as affecting the brain, toxic metal build-up that was reported in dementia can also affect the lungs, kidneys, liver, bones and endocrine glands. In fact, your immunity as a whole leaving you susceptible to various diseases and conditions.

Here is a helpful list of 5 tried and tested combat solutions relating to diet focussing on eliminating toxic/heavy metals from the system which if left untreated go on to cause plaque build-ups throughout the body and essentially affect the body’s immunity. A robust immune system is our inbuilt military defense of practically all diseases and infections.

1.Wash all fruits and vegetables

(even if it says already washed) in a vinegar and water mix. 3 tablespoons to a bowl of water. (Guidance only) If you are a meat eater, wash all meat thoroughly in either vinegar or fresh lemon juice and water. Ratio as above. This removes heavy metals many pesticides and of course fungi and bacteria.


Taking this as a supplement will support the health of your main detoxing organ, the liver. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Asia to treat obesity. It has the power to eliminate harmful cholesterol/fat directly from the liver build up which is one of the main causes of malfunction throughout the body.

Also proven to aid and give relief from some forms of arthritis. Tablets are available but you could just buy a packet of the powder from the supermarket, cook with it or take half a teaspoon in a little warm water or milk daily – though more effective when taken with fat i.e. milk or yogurt etc. The more healthy your liver the better your system as a whole will work to eliminate metals/toxins via the kidneys.

3. Alkaline your water.

Most diseases thrive in the opposite which is an acidic state within our bodies. A good Home filter is a great investment for the household. It is well to also remember that most tap water is bleached with chlorine in order to achieve that crystal clear appearance and many countries’ supplies have added fluoride (essentially mass medication without prescription) widespread and between 60% – 100% of the populations in the US, Brazil, Australia, and Hong Kong among others. Banned in many European countries including Germany. More recently banned in Israel too.

Fresh lemon juice or mint leaves put or pushed into bottled water will counteract acidity caused by all the mentioned additives. Many bottled brands cannot be trusted and are actually acid forming. Recently tested (in the UK) brands inc Evian, Highland Spring, Saki, Fiji, Perrier and Spa which are (in line with their claims) alkaline.

A little research might be needed on the quality of what is available dependent on your location/country. If you cannot for whatever reason do any of the above, quite possibly the best way to aid an alkaline body is Bicarbonate of Soda – it is “King” for creating an alkaline state in the body. Once or twice a day, half a teaspoon morning and/or night in a little cold water is an extremely effective measure against acid forming water and foods. It will effectively excrete toxins and metals via the kidneys. It is also effective in combating radiation exposure. (Mobile phones, computers, tablets, X-rays, chemo, and radio therapies.)

4A.Chlorella; green algae (sea plant food)

4B.Coriander; herb aka Chinese parsley, Cilantro

These two are superior chelating agents which mean they have the ability to bind to metals and ions and remove them from the body. Chlorella is also full of different vitamins and nutrients needed by the body to reinforce the immune system. The Japanese have done extensive research and go as far as to say, Chlorella is an effective measure against cancer. Although not by eliminating cancer cells directly, it works by boosting immunity.

Japanese scientists started to research the benefits of Chlorella after the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This supplement is also highly effective against anemia. –B: Coriander leaves are a herb whilst the seeds are a spice. Worth using both in cooking and salads. Toxic heavy metals including mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium cause deterioration throughout the human system; Coriander leaves have the ability to pull these metals from the brain and other parts of the body, detoxing in the process. The seeds which can also be purchased as an oil are beneficial for the nervous system, digestion (colon) and are also antiviral.

5 Methylsulfonylmethane

Methylsulfonylmethane is an organic sulfur compound which appears in nature in all organisms. A white crystalline powder which is soluble in warm water. Well known as an analgesic for joint health and an effective painkiller. It has the ability to bind to mucus in the body (caused by acidic foods/drinks and toxins such as metals) eliminating them and therefore preventing whilst reversing the damage. MSM which is very effective on its own is also sometimes combined with Nano Silver and used to treat various types of cancer both alternatively and by some medical practitioners.


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