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‘CERN Large Hadron Collider awake experiments caused recent massive earthquakes in Italy’: LHC opened stargate portal to another dimension, conspiracy theorists claim [VIDEO]


LHC is blamed for many natural disasters around the world. Based on the latest claim by conspiracy theorists, once again LHC caused massive earthquakes.

Conspiracy theorists have raised an alarm that ongoing AWAKE experiments at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) facility near Geneva in Switzerland triggered the recent series of earthquakes that hit central Italy and killed more than 250 people.

According to the bizarre claim presented in a video titled “Stargate Awakens at CERN,” uploaded to YouTube on November 5, 2016, by conspiracy theorist BPEarthWatch, recent high-energy AWAKE experiments at the CERN LHC facility located near the French-Swiss border harnessed and unleashed unknown forces that triggered the series of tremors and quakes.

The quakes, the first of which occurred in August, destroyed buildings and historical monuments, which caused loss of human lives in central Italian towns, such as Amatrice and the mountain village, Castelluccio di Norcia, according to the Globe and Mail.

But CERN authorities in Geneva have reportedly denied the conspiracy theory claims that AWAKE experiments at the LHC facility caused the earthquakes.

The 16-mile ring-shaped LHC is the world’s most powerful particle accelerator and collider machine. It accelerates charged particles, such as protons, to very high energy levels close to the speed of the light before causing them to collide.

The purpose of accelerating and colliding fundamental particles is to simulate high-energy conditions that occurred in the universe soon after the Big Bang. The goal of scientists is to unravel the small scale interactive forces underlying the structure of the universe as we know it.

According to CERN, the Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment (AWAKE) is an investigation of the use of “plasma wakefields driven by a proton bunch” to accelerate charged fundamental particles to high energies before bringing them into collision as a way of probing even deeper into the secrets of the origin of our universe.

Scientists hope that a breakthrough in the use of “plasma wakefields” to accelerate fundamental charged particles — instead of the current method that relies on the use of superconducting magnets — could mean that engineers do not have to build bigger and bigger particle accelerators to achieve higher and higher energies because the “plasma wakefields” would be able to accelerate particles to higher energy levels over shorter distances.

“When Obama was in Norway receiving his Nobel Peace Prize, a micro black hole opened up in the sky above his city.”

Scientists also hope that at sufficiently high energies they would be able to create mini-black holes and possibly stumble upon evidence of the existence of parallel universes.

But conspiracy theorists claim that the LHC is a source of grave danger to Earth and the universe because the high energy experiments could generate a black hole that swallows up our world or disrupts the physical fabric of space-time, causing the entire universe to collapse.

Based on the claim by scientists that the experiments could yield evidence of parallel universes, some conspiracy theorists raised concerns that creation of a mini-black hole in the LHC could lead to the opening of a wormhole portal to another dimension or parallel universe, allowing malevolent demonic beings to enter our world.

Allegations that the LHC could open up a portal to a demonic higher-dimensional plane are linked with bizarre conspiracy theory claims that an evil clandestine group called the Illuminati is behind the experiments.

According to conspiracy theorists, the Illuminati are bent on imposing a demonic New World Order (NWO) government on humanity. The alleged NWO world government, according to conspiracy theorists, will be headed by a personality called the Beast, whose mysterious identifying number is 666.

At the commencement of the AWAKE experiments on June 17, 2016, conspiracy theorists raised an alarm that it could cause a global catastrophe by opening a portal to another dimension. And after the first earthquake hit central Italy in August, conspiracy theorists speculated that the earthquakes might have been triggered by the AWAKE experiments. They warned that Earth remains in danger as long as scientists insist on proceeding with the allegedly dangerous experiments.

“They have upped the game,” BPEarthWatch raised the alarm in the new video. “We have been talking about this since the earthquakes started over in Italy. Now Awake is up and running now – for how long we don’t know. There is a link between the current earthquakes in Italy and the CERN collider activity. I personally believe this to be true.”

Conspiracy theorists also claimed that the LHC experiments caused the deadly April 2015 Nepal earthquake in which thousands perished.

BPEarthWatch’s highly questionable theory about the cause of the recent earthquakes in Italy has sparked discussions on online conspiracy theory blogs and forums.

UFO blogger and conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring declared that he was convinced “there is a link between the current earthquakes in Italy and the CERN collider activity.”


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