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Many forms of sexual relationships within the Bible


Even though many people are Christians, most of them have never read the Bible. If they read the Bible, they would never condemn same sex marriages.

The Bible portrays many forms of sexual relationships which include rape, incest, master-slave sexual relations, captive virgins, and other.

Bible approves polygamy, monogamy, and forced marriages and gives thorough guidelines. Even incest has been approved, based on the Bible stories of sex and marriage.

The Bible never mentioned consensual intercourse. Nonetheless, Jesus never condemned polygamy, sexual slavery and forced marriage of young girls. Polygamy has been accepted as the norm from the Old Testament as well as the norm in the New Testament. Abraham, Isaac and King David and his son Solomon had multiple wives and even concubines. The Bible provides guidelines on how to acquire different kinds of sex slaves. However, line between marriage and sex slavery is unclear in the Bible.

According to the book of Numbers, all women and boys were murdered by the Israelites while they kept all virgins for themselves. A purification ritual is described by the Law of Moses in which captive virgins are being prepared for their first sex act. Her head is shaved and she is allowed to mourn her family for a month prior to the first sex act. A raped Hebrew girl can be sold for 50 shekels (about $580) to her rapist, who then has to accept her as one of his wives.

A man can acquire his brother’s wives, if his brother had died. If brother didn’t leave descendants, the other brother can impregnate the wives of his deceased brother.

These stories probably wouldn’t be brought into light if the Bible believers didn’t insist on telling us that God punishes people when he dislikes their sexual behavior.

According to Pat Robertson, God sent a hurricane to drown New Orleans because he did not approve behavior of gay people.

People have to accept that many things are different since the time the Bible was written. Polygamy is not accepted, forced sex has become less acceptable and sexual slavery has been strongly condemned. These are direct examples of what is acceptable according to the Bible, but in modern society such behaviors are obviously unacceptable.

Marriage should be a consensual agreement between two adults who love each other. Gay marriage is one aspect of this consensual agreement based on mutual love. And anything that Bible believers say against it, based on the proclamations of the Bible, simply has nothing to do with the description of monogamy in the Bible.

Changes in today’s society are not against the Bible, but they are against the belief of conservative and narrow-minded people.

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