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Cameraman Captures UFO’s As They Pass By The Moon


Many videos exist on YouTube showing a number of UFO sightings. Some are real and some are not.

However, one cameraman claims to have captured several UFOs passing the lunar surface.

The cameraman under the name Crrow777 said that he would never post anything that is a fake and that he only changes zoom, color and contrast in order to make a better video.

He used a high-definition digital camera and telescopic equipment in order to film the Moon and claims that he saw many unidentified things.

The following videos represent objects which can’t be satellites since these are too close to the Moon.

On his YouTube channel, he only posts his own videos. So far, he made videos of UFOs, chem trails and the UFOs that accompany them, the Moon, lunar UFOs and space anomalies.

He promised to his viewers that he would never alter his videos in order to deceive them on purpose. Some people praise his work and some criticize it.

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