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Buddha statue and the King of Mars discovered on Mars – VIDEO


NASA publishes a lot of photographs taken on the surface of Mars. These photographs are published online for everyone to see. Many UFO hunters analyze these photographs in order to find the proof of life on the surface of Mars.

One of the latest findings includes a statue which resembles a Buddha statue.

Apparently, the sculpture has all the features of a real Buddha statue. UFO hunters are convinced that NASA is hiding the truth about Mars, therefore, they are using these photographs to unveil the truth to the public.

Another discovery by Paranormal Crucible was defined as a carved tomb of a Martian Knight. Based on this piece of evidence, it can be concluded that Medieval knights used to fight battles on Mars.

Another YouTube user stated that he discovered a statue, which looks like the ghost mask from the movie franchise Scream.

Scott C Waring discovered remains of a former king of Mars. He believes that the remains were left on the ground precisely on the spot where he was murdered.

According to him, million years ago a battle happened on the surface of Mars. This was probably the last fight of the king of Mars. He added that the flying ships spread some substance on the body, which turned it into stone.

Many people are not convinced by these detailed descriptions and stories about rocks on Mars. Claims of Scott C Waring that he discovered the body of the king of Mars were ridiculed by many. People are looking for the logical explanations in order to accept these claims about the king of Mars.

As many claims about Mars emerge every day, NASA had to make a public announcement saying that not even microscopic form of life on Mars has ever been discovered.

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