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British politician explains why the world’s banking system is a scam


According to a British politician, the world banking system is not what is appears to be.

During a European Parliament meeting in 2013, MEP Godfrey Bloom explained to the whole room why everything they know about the whole banking system is a scam.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, money is an arbitrary invention to profit from debt. Banks and governments  encourage individuals and countries to be in debt because the greater the debt, the more money they pocket. However, they don’t make money from the interest, but from something called the Fractional Reserve Banking system.

This scam creates money out of thin air and brings in a profit of hundreds or even thousands of percent on all debts. This ‘undeclared’ money makes a few people very rich.

Once  a person or a country enters into debt, you are a slave to be exploited and raped by the system. This is why millions are spent tricking individuals and countries to spend more – regardless of the consequences.

Sometimes it seems easier to feign ignorance and continue buying your $7 mocha lattes on credit, drive a car you don’t really own, and pay for school you’re not sure will ever result in a job… But it’snot.



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