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British policeman was abducted by aliens – VIDEO


Former British policeman Alan Godfrey revealed details about his abduction by aliens. The event took place on November 28, 1980.

At the time of the abduction, he was looking for the lost farm animals. While he was doing his job, he saw a UFO coming closer to him. At first, he thought that the bus was coming closer. Afterward, he realized that it was an oval-shaped hovering UFO.

Before he even had time to sketch the UFO on his note pad, he was overwhelmed by the sudden eruption of light. The next thing he remembers is him driving the car and the UFO had disappeared.

He went back to examine the location of the encounter with the UFO. Even though the area was damp because of rain, he discovered a dry circular spot where the UFO was.

Since his boots were split at the sole, he concluded that he was dragged. When he returned to the police station, he realized that it took him longer to get there than usually, so he concluded that he lost 15 minutes.

He kept this encounter for himself and decided not to report it. Afterwards, a lorry driver told the police that he saw something unusual that he described as a “brilliant blue-white glow”.

Another report of similar encounter was made to neighboring Halifax police.

Many other witnesses came forward which influenced him to file an official report. His report was leaked to the local press and it gathered the interest of UFO investigators.

UFO investigators advised him to use hypnosis to remember how he lost 15 minutes. While he was under hypnosis, he revealed that he was questioned telepathically by a bearded man called Yosef. He also remembered that he was placed in an odd room and that he saw a black dog and strange small droids.

The media devoted a lot of time to this case of alien abduction.

He was also sent on a medical and mental health assessment by his superiors. The tests did not reveal anything unusual. He resigned a few years after the encounter.

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