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BREAKING NEWS: Aliens recorded observing Russian planes during the the bombing in Syria


Mexican UFO researchers published a video in which they claim that UFOs are observing the current military conflict in Syria.

IT appears that two UFOs are flying around a Russian drone while it fires missiles over Syria. This was discovered in one of the RT News videos about the conflict in Syria.

The video of this encounter was uploaded on YouTube. Even a Mexican paranormal TV station Tercer Milenio discussed this topic and revealed that moving UFOs and their orbs can be identified near the aircraft.

Further commentary on this video is provided by TV investigator Carlos Clement. According to him, there were other recorded encounters across the world. This latest encounter in Syria is particularly intriguing because it was filmed in the war area.

Claims that UFOs were observing the military action on Earth happened in the past.  A senior Vietnam vet George Filer revealed that the UFOs were observed during the 1970s conflict. There were even confrontations between the military and aliens.

It was also revealed by a former Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer stated that world military leaders were hiding the evidence of widespread alien visitations to Earth.

The last revelation among the recent ones concerning the alien visitations was made by an astronaut Moon Edgar Mitchell. He said that aliens are responsible for stopping a global nuclear war during WWII.

Scott C Waring supports the claim of UFO Researchers in South America that UFOs can be seen flying around a drone bombing an area in Syria.

Scott C Waring stated that two UFOs are alien military drones. They always fly in pairs in case one is damaged.

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