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Both Soviets and the US were engaged in parapsychology research during the Cold War


New pieces of evidence about the Soviet’s parapsychology research during the Cold War emerged.

Serge Kernbach compiled a report which consists of numerous Russian documents from 1917 through 2003.

These documents reveal that the Soviets conducted experiments in mind control, clairvoyance and other areas.

According to this report, numerous U.S. projects were influenced by the Soviet research. During their research, the Soviets wanted to determine how electromagnetic emission affects biological objects. Also, they conducted research into quantum entanglement in macroscopic systems and other phenomena.

Equivalent to Soviets’ research into the impact of electromagnetic emission on biological objects is Project Pandora in the US. Pandora Project reviewed long-term and short-term effects of low-intensity microwaves on living things. The US started this project because they believed that the Soviets were bombarding the U.S. embassy with low-intensity microwaves.

Soviets conducted research into the ability to affect the human mind with energy, as well the ways of affecting other objects with such energy. Researchers believed that clairvoyance can be used during espionage. The idea behind this was that clairvoyance could be used for the purpose of gathering delicate pieces of information.

Kernbach’s report on Soviet’s parapsychology research did not reveal any details regarding the results of the research and experiments. These documents are still confidential.

It is also unknown whether this research was continued after the Cold War.

One thing is certain, both Soviets and the US invested a lot of time and effort into parapsychology research.

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