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Assange says it’s over for Hillary, in light of biggest leak to date

Hillary Assange

Assange himself has stated that he „enjoys crushing bastards“. His goal was always to find inflammatory information that can bring down the powerful and the corrupt individuals and organizations.

Julian Assange promised to release a new batch of emails against the Clinton Foundation. He claims that there is enough evidence to connect her to the Islamic state that will bring about her indictment.

He further claimed that he has 350 emails on a French concrete company called Le Farge. These emails, says Assange, support the idea that Le Farge allegedly paid ISIS so the company can do business in territories controlled by the group

The British political blog The Canary made a report that shows the Clinton Foundation receiving 100 000 dollars from Le Farge.
Furthermore, the blog states that from 1990 to 1992, Clinton served on the company’s Board of Directors. After 1992, when La Farge was fined 1.8 million dollars for pollution, Hilary reduced the fine to 600.000 dollars.

Assange claims that Saudi Arabia is the largest donor to the Clinton foundation. He also states that: “Clinton’s arms export policies when she was a secretary of state favored extensively Saudi Arabia.”

The WikiLeaks founder also believed that Hillary smeared Trump for his ties to Russia in order to hide ties of her own, but made no further comment on this matter.

At one Green Party convention, Assange was criticized for being biased against Hillary. He refuted this argument by simply stating that WikiLeaks is not about targeting individuals, but, above all, to find and to reveal the truth.

“We are very interested in power and publishing the truth about power so people can work out however they choose so they can reform power.”

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