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Assange claims dead DNC staffer was responsible for the recent WikiLeaks Dump


Seth Rich was behind the DNC leak and was murdered by the party as punishment, claims Assange.

Assange has always been known for his directness and honesty. He already offered 20000 dollars for any information regarding Seth Richs’ murder and he states that this man is an example of just how dangerous whistleblowing, and telling the truth, really is.

Eelco Bosch, host of Nieuwsuur, a Dutch news program, asked Assange about the bounty he offers, and the WikiLeaks founder explained that: ““I am suggesting that our sources take risks and they become concerned to see things occurring like that.“

However, when he was pressed to admit that Rich was his whistleblower, Assange stated simply that WikiLeaks does not reveal its sources.

The man also helped Edward Snowden by creating the Courage Foundation, a trust made to provide legal assistance and guidance to whistleblowers.

The parents of the deceased alleged whistleblower begged people to not “theorize” his death, but how can that be done when the man was the center of a serious political conspiracy?

He worked for the DNC as a data analyst and on July 10 2016 was shot and killed. His murder remains unsolved.

The Washington post and the New York Times claim there is no evidence or trace of witnesses or motive and believe it was simply a robbery.
However, this does not make sense, as the killer hasn’t touched his wallet and phone.


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