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Amazon rainforest was inhabited in the past


Archaeologists discovered ruins of cities, roads and fields along the Amazon River. Stories about them were recorded in 1542, but were dismissed as fantasies by our modern society.

However, it seems that these stories, which were penned, were true.

Today’s forest and wilderness were inhabited 500 years ago. Charles Clement reviewed the evidence which proves this. According to this review of Brazil’s National Institute of Amazonian Research in Manaus, the inhabitants of this area were destroyed after the visit of Europeans. They had to retreat into the forest and soon after, nature took its course and took over the fields and plazas.

The remains of this civilization are now emerging due to the process of deforestation and remote sensing. Remains of cities, civilization, roads, canals and other evidence of civilization have been discovered.

Agriculturalists claim that 150,000 square kilometers of forest were previously used as fertile soil. It seems that 50 million of inhabitants used to live in this area.

The remains seem to be 3000 years old or even older. Geographer William Denevan and anthropologist Michael Heckenberger both support this claim. This duo created the idea that humans modified Amazon in the past.

However, others disagree that Amazon was domesticated in the past. According to Dolores Piperno of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, there has been little evidence which supports this claim.

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