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Apollo images show huge structure on the Surface of the Moon

lunar structure-appolo mission

Recently discovered photographs made during the Apollo mission possibly reveal unknown structures. It is believed that these are evidence of a structure on the lunar surface.

NASA’s Apollo 8 mission is one of the most famous manned missions to the moon and was the first time human beings travelled to the moon.

Interestingly, a set of images and videos from the journey to the moon indicate that the astronauts might not have been alone in space.

One of the most enigmatic objects ones the surface of the moon can be is seen in a clip formed during the mission in December of 1968.

The clip appears to show what seems to be a large triangular object located on, or just above the lunar surface.

According to Ufologists, the object seems to form a shadow on the surface of the moon, suggesting that it could be a giant UFO.

Interestingly, the black and white image taken by a 70mm camera was the ONLY surviving sequence of the film from the Apollo 8 mission that shows the object.

The object was released by Tyler Glockner, who runs the SecureTeam YouTube channel, which reports on UFO sightings and anomalous object in space.

Skeptics, on the other hand, have completely dismissed the sighingts spotted by SecureTeam and others suggesting they are part of an elaborate hoax even though the film and images which show the object can be found on NASA’s websites here and here.

In the video Glockner suggests these objects are real saying:

‘These are taken with film. This is not some image artefact that you would get with digital images where you have glitches and all sorts of static and pixelation issues. You didn’t really have all that with film. Short of developing it incorrectly or letting light hit the film during development you would not get anomalies like this.’


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