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Another ancient underground city discovered in Cappadocia

an underground city in Cappadocia

The latest discovery of an underground city in Cappadocia in Turkey is quite different from all others. It was revealed that people actually lived in this underground city, which was not the case with other similar cities.

The mayor of Nevşehir, Hasan Ünver, revealed that this discovery will have a great impact on the history of Cappadocia.

Based on the excavations, it is believed that the city was used during the Hittite era.

Archaeologists have so far discovered long tunnels, spaces used for living, chapels and other tunnels in the underground city. It is believed that the people who lived in this city used underground tunnels to carry agricultural products to the city.

Discovery of the underground city was made by a Turkish Housing Development Administration (TOKİ).
Ünver added that the difference between this underground city and other cities is that people lived there permanently. All other underground cities were used only on a temporary basis.

The first part of the underground city excavations will be opened in 2017.

Archaeologist Semih İstanbulluoğlu revealed that many artifacts were discovered, including tobacco pipe-like objects made from meerschaum.

This discovery gathered the interest of UNESCO and many other researchers. The site was examined by UNESCO representative Ashish Kothari.

UNESCO already included rock formations called Fairy Chimney into UNESCO world heritage list. These are located in the area around the underground city in Nevşehir.

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