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Ancient Greek legend might be confirmed by uncovered 3000 year old skeleton

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Atop Mount Lykaion, the birthplace of the king of the Greek gods Zeus, archeologist have discovered a skeleton. Most probably a teenager, it could confirm legends of human sacrifices done 3 millennia ago.

Discovered in the southern Peloponnese region of Greece it confirms that once, in order to appease Zeus, the ancient Greeks sacrificed humans at his altar.

Sigma live reports that Greece’s Culture ministry stated that the skeleton was found in the heart of a 30 meter broad altar. While its early to actually officially declare the cause of the adolescents death, it is probably no coincidence that it was found on mount Lykaion- a place infamous for the prevalence of the darker part of Greek cults.

The legend goes, according to many ancient writers like Plato, that a boy was to be sacrificed with animals. Then, in celebration of Zeus, all the meat is to be eaten together.

If a person ate human meat, he would become a wolf for 9 years.

David Gilman Romano, the professor of Greek Archeology at Arizona university, claimed that while many ancient literary sources mentioned rumors of human sacrifice occurring here, there has never before been concrete archeological proof- until now.

Romano even stated that: “Whether it’s a sacrifice or not, this is a sacrificial altar … so it’s not a place where you would bury an individual. It’s not a cemetery,”

The body itself was also unusual in that the upper part of the skull was gone and the rest organized in a strange and cult-like manner.

Another point is that only a small part of the alter has actually been excavated- around 7 percent.

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