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Tulli Papyrus revealed information about aliens

tuli papirus

Tulli Papyrus is an ancient document which provides one of the initial references to flying saucers.

However, historians are not convinced of its authenticity.

Based on the analyses of this ancient text, UFO sightings were observed during the reign of Pharaoh Thutmose III in Egypt. This event took place around 1480 BC.

Cedric Leonard translated this ancient text. Based on his translation, a flying disk was observed in the sky. The creatures which came to the Earth wanted to see the king. After a few days, many flying disks could be seen in the sky. It is said that their light was even brighter than the Sun. When disks soared higher to the south, fish and volatiles rained down from the sky. Following the orders of Majesty, this event was recorded in order to be forever remembered.

During this mysterious event, it was never revealed if the Egyptians made contact with creatures from flying disks.

As the Ancient Egyptians were known for their advanced knowledge of astronomy, this event can hardly be described as a false interpretation. Based on the translation, the flying disks are described as fiery disks and they were observed in the sky. In line with this, it can be concluded that they did not fall to Egyptian soil.

Further research of this story can’t be done because the original papyrus is gone. After a request of researcher Samuel Rosenberg to examine it, the Vatican Museum responded that the document is no longer in their possession and that it can’t be traced.

It is unknown whether this document is really missing or if it is hidden in Vatican from the public. Nonetheless, further research could be beneficial to unveil the mystery about this document.

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