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An astronaut took a picture of a spaceship – VIDEO


People interested in the topic of UFOs and aliens believe that NASA is trying to hide their existence from the general public. However, a photograph tweeted by an astronaut serves as evidence of extraterrestrial life.

US astronaut Scott Kelly revealed more with his photograph than he probably intended to. He took a photograph of India from more than 200 miles above the Earth. He used this photograph to describe how his 233rd day in space looked like.

UFO researchers examined the photograph in detail and discovered something unusual. According to YouTube channel Sonofmabarker, upper right corner of the photograph revealed an object with lights on each end.

This discovery made by UFO researchers is just one of many they make every day.

All other researchers agree that Scott Kelly published a photograph of a UFO. The UFO appears to have a cigar shape and it is 25 meters long. It was concluded that the UFO was positioned approximately 150 to 200 meters away.

They also believe that Scott Kelly wanted to confirm in a subtle way that aliens exist.

On the other hand, those who are more realistic than UFO researchers, described the UFO as a contorted streak.

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