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All planets around the Sun will disappear in 5 billion years – VIDEO


Astronomers have located previously unknown dying star. This star has the ability to destroy other planets that orbit around it.

This planet resembles a dwarf planet called Ceres. According to the scientist Andrew Vanderburg, this planet decomposes as it travels towards another white dwarf star.

Astronomers observed the dwarf star in the constellation Virgo. It is located at 570 light years from Earth.

The scientists concluded that the debris around the white dwarf used to belong to the planets that were previously in its orbit. This serves as the evidence that the white dwarf pollution is connected with the destruction of rocky planets.

There is a theory that our Sun will die and all planets surrounding the Sun will disappear. This is expected to happen in 5 billion years.

By the time this happens, the humans might be living on some other planet.


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