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Aliens have always been among people


A magazine which publishes UFO related stories, published a message from Annunaki from 1958. This message was published in the article named “Mankind In Amnesia“ in the Flying Saucer Review Magazine.

This message revealed that aliens were among people for a while. Evidence of their presence can be found in ancient Egyptian symbols. Their symbol is even present in the great seal of the USA.

The evidence of their presence can be discovered across the world. Each one of them was placed at a particular location on purpose. However, the majority of those signs was discovered in Egypt because they used it as headquarter.

This message also revealed that over thousands of years, these creatures aided the humanity in times when it needed the inspiration.

They believe that the humanity is on the road of self-destruction. However, it is up to us to put their gifts into good use and to become the first civilization that managed to achieve the enlightenment. There were other civilizations before us. The knowledge and possessions must be passed on.

Aliens are among us and the proof of their presence will be revealed when the time is right. According to this message, they traveled across our skies in their flashing vehicles and revealed their presence to those who saw it.

However, the world labeled those people as fools, because of what they saw. People are encouraged by this message to believe in what they saw, even though scientists will have a different explanation for such sightings.

It was revealed that these creatures use an advanced plastic material, which is almost transparent, and really strong. This material is used to manufacture their flying vehicles, which can bear the stresses of extremely rapid flight.

When these vehicles change the type of flight in order to adjust to our atmosphere, they become visible. Therefore, people can see all those flying objects.

During the day, people observe a torpedo-shaped object, while during the night they see an orange-glowing disk.

The purpose of those sudden appearances during the day and night is for people to become familiar with their presence in the skies.

At the end of their message, the Annunaki stated that the knowledge of their presence in the world must be passed to new generations.


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