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‘Alien UFO invasion fleet will reach Earth in September 2017,’ Obama allegedly warns Putin after NASA detected ‘miles-wide’ armada of spaceships that entered our solar system [Video]

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It is claimed that our planet is in danger of an alien invasion. It appears that even the world leaders are aware of the lurking danger.

A new bizarre “report” circulating in the conspiracy theory blogosphere claims that a leaked top-secret Kremlin document has revealed details of a recent top-secret meeting between President Vladimir Putin of Russia and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

During the meeting, Biden delivered to Putin a message from President Barack Obama, requesting Russia’s cooperation to establish an “Earth-wide” missile defense system to protect our planet from an impending alien UFO invasion expected to occur in September of 2017.

The move by the Obama administration to seek the support and cooperation of Kremlin to ward off the threat of an alien military invasion of planet Earth came after NASA satellites reportedly detected a massive “miles-wide” alien UFO invasion fleet that entered our solar system.

The massive fleet is believed to be heading toward Earth and will arrive in September of 2017.

The bizarre report appearing on multiple alien and UFO conspiracy theory blogs claims that on January 15, 2014, the U.S. Department of Defense launched three Terrier-Orion rockets from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility.

Pentagon did not disclose to the public the purpose of the top-secret launches, despite inquiries from the media.

The reason for the launches remains a mystery, but it is believed that the launches were part of ongoing efforts by the Pentagon to investigate the alleged incoming alien UFO invasion fleet.

Some reports claim, so far, NASA has detected that the alien UFO invasion fleet is emitting a mysterious force field that appears to act in a manner similar to the Earth’s magnetic field that deflects harmful space energy particles constituting the solar wind.

Since the fleet was first observed, it has approached Earth close enough for amateur sky watchers equipped with good telescopes to observe the structural details, the reports claim.

But it is feared that we will not have answers to the purpose or mission of the approaching fleet until they reach Earth late in 2017. While some believe that the aliens are a hostile war-like extraterrestrial species and that mankind could be facing a threat of extinction due to military invasion and extermination of our race, others have expressed faith that the aliens are a benevolent species coming to save Earth from World War III between the U.S. and Russia.

Based on the view that the aliens could be coming to save the world from the evil NWO-Illuminati globalist cabal, some expressed impatience, wondering why the aliens were taking so long to come.

“Thought they should’ve been here already,” a believer commented. “These Aliens keep on wasting our time. We’ve been waiting since 2000 and its 16 years now. They are telling us that they will arrive next year. When next year comes they will probably take a detour and visit Mars and we will have to wait for 2019. Then they might decide to go to Venus and check it out before they come here and then they delay again till 2021. And so this generation dies out…”


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  • LadyFerry

    ‘They’ really are ramping up the ‘Alien Invasion’ propaganda fear porn to get the sheeple ready for ‘Project Bluebeam’ aren’t ‘they’…

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