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Alien ship the size of a planet observed near the Sun – VIDEO


Even though human race still has to develop technology which would enable future space crafts to fly close to the Sun, extraterrestrial beings could already have such technology.

The idea of such advanced technology came into focus ever since a UFO researcher spotted something unusual in the photographs of the Sun. NASA is observing the Sun’s activity by specialist telescopic cameras.

YouTube paranormal video maker Streetcap1 discovered an oddly symmetrical object in the vicinity to the Sun. He explained that this anomaly could just be distorted pixels, while at the same time, it could also be a planet-sized alien space ship.

Another UFO researcher Scott C Waring supported the opinion that it could be a UFO. Moreover, he is quite certain that it is a cool looking UFO. According to him, the space ship is white because of the Sun’s heat.

NASA refuses to give any comment or opinion on numerous findings emerging on a daily basis.

Streetcap1 stated that NASA has to be aware that people are going to discover many things in the photos they post online. According to him, if NASA did not want these things to be revealed to the public, the space agency would never post them.

Streetcap1 already posted videos with similar findings in the past. Mr Waring even presented a theory that aliens plan to suck our Sun’s energy.

Even though UFO researchers are eager to make such claims and discoveries, in reality, there is so much activity on the surface of the Sun that any anomaly observed is actually a solar blast or a huge release of electrons, ions and atoms during the flare.

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