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ALIEN PORTAL? Sinister ‘black ring UFO’ terrifies families at Disneyland


A strange sighting appeared over Disneyland. A lot of people instantly assumed that it was a UFO or an alien portal.

The staggering clip shot at the world-famous theme park in California, shows what appears to be a large black ring form in the sky above the Magic Castle.

The baffling footage appears to show a UFO hovering in the sky while thousands of adrenaline junkies enjoy rides at the original Disney resort.

Kyle Hawkins, who took the video, described his confusion at the mysterious floating object.

He said: “I was walking up main street at Disneyland following the parade and everyone around me started looking up and pointing at this daunting black ring floating methodically above us.

“It was a windy night, so it couldn’t have been a smoke ring. Everyone watched it in fear and confusion.”

He said he “half expected an alien portal to open up through the ring.”

Mr Hawkins added: “We were gazing up in disbelief – the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. I yanked my phone out to record as soon as I saw this thing, then immediately uploaded to YouTube.”

UFO blogger Scott C Waring also uploaded the shock footage to his website. He said: “Ring UFOs are super rare, but they have been seen.

“This UFO is over Disneyland and causes the family to worry about an alien invasion. However since this is over a theme park, its possible that one of the rides may have caused it.”

But he also cited the example of ringed UFOs being seen by the US Army in 1957 during the bizarre Fort Belvoir case.

But there have been other more recent cases.

Last July, a mysterious black ring baffled villagers as it floated across the sky above the Shortandy village, near Astana, Kazakhstan.

It then disappeared completely after about 15 minutes. A similar ring was seen earlier in Leamington Spa in the UK.

UFO expert Nick Pope said at the time: “It’s a truly bizarre image. It looks like a smoke ring, but I can’t see where it could have come from.” He said a swarm of bees or insects could have caused it.

Another explanation was the cause was someone lighting a ring-shaped fire.


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