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Alien hunters want NASA to explain this ‘formation of UFOs’

ufo spotted nasa phtograph

The formation of UFOs was observed in an image taken from the STS-100 mission. This discovery brought the entire UFO community on its toes.

UFO community has given a lot of attention to the unexplained ‘formation of UFO’s’ observed in NASA photograph taken by the STS-100 mission in 2001.

This image is considered to be one of the most mysterious ones in in Space Shuttle history. Even though this image has been available for a while now, the UFO hunters believe that NASA took every effort to destroy images from their website which could serve as evidence of UFO’s flying in a perfectly straight line.

This is not the first time NASA decided to remove certain images that could reveal too much.

Yet another case of concealing the proof of alien existence serves to pinpoint the fact that NASA is deliberately holding back the information about UFOs and Alien life from the public.

However, the image recently reappeared and the UFO community believes that NASA was actually forced to do so.

Even after 15 years, the controversial image has gathered a lot of attention and a lot of interest. The reappearance of this image also increased the overall interest in NASA images of unidentified flying objects.

UFO website The Black Vault decided to review this image in great detail. Additional questions were raised about this image by The Black Vault community readers and editors.

The image in question can be observed HERE.

Additionally, the following video posted in 2013 by YouTube user UFOvni2012 offers some closeups of the enigmatic UFO formation in detail.

The lack of explanation provided by NASA only further stresses the entire UFO community. While some claim that the alleged UFO formation in the controversial image is just an anomaly, the rest of the UFO community is certain that the UFO’s are real.

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