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Alien Base discovered on the Moon: Dome like structure spotted on the surface of the moon


The latest discovery on the surface of the Moon is believed to be an alien base. Ufologists are intrigued by this dome-like structure.

Ufologists indicate that the massive structure is, at least, nine miles wide, and is the ultimate piece of evidence suggesting there are ‘alien’ bases all over the moon.

However, responding to claims of alien structures on the moon, scientists have responded it just a crater, and light conditions and angles make it look as if it were one, but… it’s not.

Scot C Warring from UFO sightings daily wrote: ““As you can see for yourself this is a dome on Earth’s moon,” he said. “Scientists have mislabeled it as a crater when obviously it’s a dome.

The finder of the alleged ‘dome’ on the moon, Mr. Wilke said:

“When these domes were constructed and completed they were completely clear,” he said.

“You could take a hundred foot by a hundred-foot block of glass that they make you could see perfectly clear to the other side without any distortion at all.

“But this is just the result of deterioration after millions and millions of years.”

The mysterious image was found not long after the Science Channel is preparing an interesting episode of ‘NASA’s unexplained Files’, where they will offer recordings of a mysterious ‘music’ which were heard by Apollo 10 Astronauts while they were orbiting the ‘far side’ of the moon.



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