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A woman drew a map of the alien home under hypnosis


A woman who was abducted by aliens in 1961 drew a map of their exact location. Betty Hill and her husband were abducted from their home on September 19, 1961.

At that time, scientists stated that constellation outlined by Betty does not exist. Interestingly, one statistician discovered a resemblance between her drawing and Zeta Reticuli.

According to the story of Betty and Barney, they saw oval craft flying above them and strange creatures looking at them through the window. The following three hours are a complete blank and the last thing they remember is arriving at their house in Portsmouth.

In 2004, Betty described that she was examined in one and her husband in the other room. They tried to insert a tube into her navel, but the pain was unbearable. The aliens were more interested in her husband’s bone structure.

She even had a conversation with the Leader during which she inquired about their origin. The Leader showed her the map of their origin.

Betty drew the map under hypnosis. Statistician David Saunders concluded that her map couldn’t be just a mere drawing because of the alignment of key sun-like stars in a plane centered around Zeta Reticuli. He believes that she was given such pieces of information by aliens.

Other unexplained evidence includes pink powder found on her torn dress. The origin of the pink powder was never determined and it was described as not being of any organic origin.

Shiny concentric circles were imprinted on the boot of their car. They even had an effect on a compass, as it would spin uncontrollably when placed near them.

After the abduction, the couple went through stress and nightmares. Dr Benjamin Simon performed hypnosis on the couple. Under hypnosis, they were able to remember every tiny detail about the abduction and the missing time. Barney even drew the first known image of an alien.

Barney died of a cerebral hemorrhage on February 25, 1969. Betty Hill died on October 17, 2004.

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