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A UFO will crash into Earth on Friday the 13th – VIDEO


The third Friday 13th this year will be remembered by an unidentified flying object, which is headed towards our planet. This object is going to crash into Earth exactly on Friday the 13th.

Religious conspiracy theorists believe that this event is a sign of the second coming.

This flying object actually consists of space junk and it was named WT1190F. Scientists were unable to determine the source of this space junk.

Unidentified metal objects were already discovered in Turkey and Spain.

While some believe that metal objects once belonged to a US craft from the lunar space program, others believe that space debris was part of an alien aircraft.

This unidentified flying object is not a threat to our safety because it will probably burn up the moment it enters our atmosphere. The remains of it will crash into the Indian Ocean.

According to astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell, the number of similar objects on the path to Earth will increase. He suggested that those objects must be located and monitored in order to avoid any major disasters.

Even though this object is not a threat, some people consider it a sign from God. A YouTube user under the name TheGroxt1 cited the Bible and said that The Revelation 13 revealed that an asteroid will crash into the sea on this date.

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