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A U.S. Air Force Colonel witnessed a UFO visit to the Earth


Retired USAF Colonel Charles Halt had an opportunity to experience a strange UFO-related situation, while he was on duty at a UK military base in eastern England. Other members of the USAF and RAF personnel witnessed this event as well.

Their testimony describes a flight of multiple Unidentified Flying Objects over the area of Bentwaters. This was not the only case of detecting UFOs on military radars, or visually confirming their presence.

Stories about UFOs have always been differently received – some people believe in them, and some people will always doubt their credibility. However, when you hear the story that hundreds of respected individuals confirmed, you simply cannot rule out its plausibility without analyzing it first. The world around us is full of secrets.

People who witnessed the event in eastern England are reputable individuals who have very demanding and responsible jobs, and it is very unlikely that they made their stories up. In addition to stories of all witnesses, there are also numerous documents that support the claims about UFOs visits, although, the majority of those documents has been declassified. Maybe it is time to reconsider the information that declassified documents offer.

Many people believe in extraterrestrial presence on our planet. For example, a quarter of the American population is convinced that the aliens exist and that they have already visited the Earth. Besides them, there are many people around the world with the same opinion and many countries are trying to solve the UFOs mystery. As Richard Dolan wrote in “UFOs and the National Security State”, Volume 2, the U.S, Spain and other countries cooperate in order to find the answers.

Watch the following video to hear the Colonel Charles Halt’s statement and details about the Bentwaters case.

After the UFO case in Bentwaters, an investigation did not follow because the Ministry of Defense did not consider it to be a threat to national security.

Former Senior Royal Navy Officer and chairman of the NATO military committee commented on this incident, saying that the case was supposed to be taken more seriously, and that an investigation was needed.

According to him, there are only two possible explanations for this event. One of them is that extraterrestrial visit actually happened and that the witnesses’ testimony was true and documented in the Colonel Halt’s report to the Ministry of Defense.

Another option is that this whole event is just a collective hallucination.

Former Senior Royal Navy Officer also added that cases like this really are of the highest defense interest and that they should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation. Answers to all questions regarding UFOs are absolutely needed.

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